Sustainable strategic aquaculture to preserve our coral reefs.

Threatened coral reefs

Coral reefs are the most biodiverse and economically valuable ecosystems on the planet.

In the last 30 years, almost 50% of the world's reefs have been lost.

Without urgent conservation actions, these valuable ecosystems could disappear in the next 3 decades.

At Reef Aquaculture Conservancy we develop projects for the conservation of coral reef heritage, through the implementation of reefs built with the aragocrete rock.

Aragocrete Sustainable Rocks 

After more than a decade of work and research, we have developed a 100% sustainable artificial material with a natural appearance and unique in its type.

The aragocrete rocks are made with a high content of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). They serve as a fundamental basis to establish new healthy reefs in natural or captive systems.

The use of aragocrete rocks efficiently promotes the sustainable integral use of coral reefs and guarantees the food security of coastal communities.

Promotes the use of 100% sustainable aragocrete rocks in natural or captive reef systems.

Acquire aragocrete rocks or help us with your donations to conserve coral reefs.

Your urgent actions are of great help to preserve the high environmental and economic value of coral reefs for present and future generations.